With Ukraine: One Year On

University of Melbourne

Friday 24 February 2023 4:00 - 5:30 p.m. Forum Theatre, Level One, Arts West Building University of Melbourne Parkville Campus We invite you to mark one year of Ukraine's ongoing full-scale invasion. Wars dehumanise. To rehumanise, we have to make people and societies real. Making others real is what universities should be about. On the […]

All Things Crimea – A public talk by Olena Nedozhogina

University of Melbourne

Please feel free to join Olena as she speaks on all things Crimea - its history in Ukraine, the experience of education, media, and everyday life on the peninsula up till the end of the 2000s, and the disruption caused by the annexation in 2014. Economic and transport blockade following the controversial referendum, political and financial changes, […]